Follow Your Heart!!!

Do you know what your heart is saying? Do you know what your heart wants? Do you have an idea of how your heart feels or are you just blocking out the sound of your heart altogether? Learning to listen to that organ in your body can be a little scary because of so many times before it’s let you down. I will say I know how you feel because mine has let me down as well but I can count on one hand those times. I will say my heart has also had some successful moments.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.18.05 PM.png


Sometimes I wonder how can one thing be right and wrong at the same time. Here’s my answer, your heart has a way of testing its boundaries. This organ sometimes gives you your wants, your needs, your hope and your dreams. It even gives you your faith.  Pay attention because it can also give you your fears as well. Have you ever just sat down and listen to what that organ had to say. How it says it to you by beating fast when you get next to someone that you have a crush on. How it makes you break out in cold sweat from being nervous.  Pay attention to the little things.  

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This one organ can put you through so many emotions. It can be your inspiration and it can be your miserable truth all in one. I learned a long time ago that faith and the heart go hand and hand. When you have faith and trust your instincts you will see that your heart can clear your mind. One of the reasons I love the organ we call a heart is that when I’m confused and need a little guidance to choose what’s right. I focus on how I’m feeling on the inside. If my anxiety is going haywire I know I should do it. If I’m too calm about something then I know it’s time to leave it alone or let it go.  This is how I decide if its the right thing for me. I have done this for the last few years. It works so well. 

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Your heart may work a little different than mine. One thing I do know is, if you pay attention to what it says,  you can figure out how your heart works best for you. Pay attention to the feeling you get when you about take a big plug. Look at the different signs that say give it a try or the signs that say leave it alone. At first, it’s going to be hard to understand those signs but once you get you and your heart on the same page you will feel at ease. I Know I do. The heart is something that some of us take lightly and for granted. So I ask you to give the organ that gives you life a chance to show you that you can make the right decisions by just listening. Remember when your parents would say if you just listen then everything will go the way you want it. So open your ears and close your mouth and you will probably find your answer. 


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