Dream As Big As You Like!

Dreams are described as thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s sleep. Now when I ask you what are your dreams you will say? I don’t mean really tell me your dreams because those are sacred. You should keep them to yourself until you’ve launched what you’ve worked hard on. One thing I’ve learned about dreams is you have to keep them to yourself. Never tell anyone what your dreams are, just write them down on paper and hold them close.

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Allow those dreams to manifest in all your tomorrows. Those dreams are meant to be in your every thought. I know you are working so hard to get it off the floor and let it fly. Keeping working on it. Dreams are made to be tested, it something like a hypothesis. Every hypothesis needs to be tested. So test away. Let that mind of yours flow until you can no longer get multiple ideas and dreams. I want you to put those thoughts to paper and find a way to release those plans to the world. Let those thoughts take on a new meaning in your life. I’m not saying forget about the real world struggles because I know we all have bills and things that need to be taking care of.

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I’m saying don’t allow yourself to forget those the things that made you happy. I want you to be happy that why I’m saying dream as much as you like. I’m not saying it will be easy. I want you to revisit those pages that you started to write and finish that story. Finish the story friend. Let that story take you on a journey. It’s something we all will have to do someday. Go back and finish our story and make it our legacy. Your dreams are your legacy to the story that made you who you are or that will complete you.

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My hope for you is that you allow yourself to revisit those pages and read from the pure joy of the history and legacy you started. One more thing, don’t hold back on the struggle embrace it. When you hold back on the struggle it kinda means you are running away from it. Let that struggle take you to new heights. When you allow that struggle to manifest and hopefully you will be able to create the plan that has been in your mind to conquer your vision. I know you don’t want to be apart of someone else dream forever but we need to learn from our experiences. Those experiences will teach you how to get those dreams off the ground. Have faith!

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