Who Are You When You’re By Yourself?

 Have you felt like you are always around other people so much that you don’t know what it’s like to be alone?  Or you always need to have someone with you everywhere you go. I use to feel like I needed to have someone with me everywhere I went. Then I realize that its power in being alone. When I say it’s power in being alone I mean you get to take a moment to be with just you.  Now let me ask you for those of you who don’t like being alone, why don’t you want to be by yourself? Just think if you ask a mother who has had multiple children what would she like the most? she would probably say alone time.

It’s power in having alone time!.PNG

To me, that means it’s power in being alone. There is nothing wrong with doing things by yourself. We never like the concept of being alone because of the fear of being judged by our peers. We’ve watched plenty of movies where there is a woman who is eating alone and then some of her old classmates are randomly walking by and see that she’s eating alone. she’s so embarrassed that she makes up a whole story about why she eating alone. Let me tell you something people are way too busy to be questioning why you eating alone. Unless you live in a small town in the country even then nobody from your past will be checking for you.  There are way too many people in this world for you to be randomly picked out of the group to be judged for having alone time. 

You have to build the relationship of self..PNG

Alone time is like any relationship. You need to work at keeping that relationship healthy. Let me break it to you, you should be working on the relationship of self. If you can’t be alone what can you offer anyone else? Whether it’s a love, friendship, or business relationship you need to work on you before you can bring anything to the table.  I like the idea of my alone time so much that when I do hang out with others I have so much more fun, I’m energized, playful, I joke a lot but that because I’ve had my alone time.

You are not lonely if you choose to.PNG

Alone time does not mean you are lonely that’s a misconception. It just means you don’t need to be around folks 24/7.  As a Scorpio, I tend to become one of those people who enjoys just breaking away from others for a few days.  I value that time because it gives me a chance to regroup and focus on me. It’s not that I’m lonely I just don’t always want to be around others all the time. I call it working on me.  It’s a form of me getting to know myself a little better before I can fully commit to giving myself to any relationship.  I need to be ok with me. That goes for everybody, you need to be ok with just you.  

How do you spend alone time.PNG


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