I Want You To Dream!!!!

Remember when you were little and you would play dress up or you would pretend to be some superhero that would come on your favorite TV shows? I want you to go back to that point in time and dream like you never dreamed before. I want you to feel as comfortable as you did when that dream took place. I don’t expect you to have the same goals but I do expect you to tap into that past aspiration. As we get older we forget to dream and continue to run away from those dreams because we feel like they have nothing to do with our reality. I’m here to tell you that those dreams have a lot to do with our reality.

Keep Dreaming Evening When You Don’t Want To.PNG

Let me inform you that your dreams are what got you this far. When your parents dreamed about what they wanted to do in their future you were part of that future plan. This is why you exist. Let me ask you another question do you feel like your dreams are unrealistic. Well, let me tell you if it has something to do with your future plans then those dreams are not unrealistic. Do you think Steve Jobs saw how big Apple would be? Do you think Bill Gates would have thought he would have been sitting a the top of the Forbes list for as many years? No, these people had a dream and they worked so hard to accomplish them every single day. I want you to do the same. I don’t want you to stop putting one foot in front of the other until you feel like you have nothing to lose because you gained everything from dreaming. I like to see others win because when they win I look at it like you made it and now you showing someone else who may be watching that they can do anything if they just keep dreaming.


I promise you someone is watching your every move especially if you have little family members that look up to you. Having little eyes on you can make you feel the sense to keep moving. They don’t have to be your children, They could be cousins, god-children, a family-friend child/ren, even adults pay attention to what you are doing. Just to see if you have a plan and a dream. I don’t want you to stop dreaming because some amazing things happen in our dreams. Have you ever had a dream just come true right in front of your eyes? What did you think? The first thing we utter is “Oh My God I dreamed about this”. I can name a few people who probably had a look into their future because that what our dreams show us. A look into our future.


In my last article, I spoke about a dream I had of words that kept replaying in my head and I couldn’t understand why. I didn’t realize that was my dream telling me to express those words in an article that might be something someone needs to hear or read. So when I wrote those words in my notebook I didn’t realize it would bring me healing to express them to all the people who read that article. I felt a sense of relief when I posted that article because I knew my dream had been fulfilled.

Your dreams show you endless possibilities!.PNG

Your dreams show you endless possibilities of what your life could be like. I know as women we dream constantly and we come up with endless possibilities as to what we want our lives to be like. It’s not pressuring it’s a reassurance that you have something to look forward to. KEEP YOUR DREAMS Alive!! I want you to take a look at how far you have come and then tell me it wasn’t a dream. In the famous words of BIggie Small it was all a dream………….

We Rise by Uplifting Others

With everything that’s been going on in the media and the world. From earthquakes to hurricanes. We need something to lift us up. Whenever you feel down, I want you to think of the many ways you’ve helped others. Has it been with just spending time, or has it been with giving advice? My favorite is just by being their listening ear so that person can just release the stress. Nothing makes me happier than to help a friend who may not feel comfortable talking to others but feel comfortable talking to me. I love for my friends to feel like they can come to me with anything. I’m just that kinda person. I rather see what I can do, rather do nothing at all.

Be thankful.PNG

One goal I do every day is to find a positive quote, read it and start my day. This how I get my day started and I feel because I read my quote there is nothing that can stand in my way. I learned one positive thought a day can:

  • Change a mood
  • Change an outlook
  • Give you inner peace
  • Give you grace and faith whatever you may believe in.
  • Give you a spiritual guidance and the list goes on.

Whatever it may take to get those positive thoughts going that may help you help others I’m all for it. One thing I dislike is when I come into an establishment and there is a person in a bad mood. Warrant you don’t know what going on the inside but you just know something is just not right. In my heart, I’m a fixer I like to see what I can do but you can’t just walk up to a complete stranger and just ask them what’s the matter? So I do subliminally, I’ll sit next to them and strike up a conversation or sometimes they’ll surprise me and start a conversation with me. So by the time, we leave the establishment everyone is in a better mood. This also how you de-escalate a situation before things go wrong. By them being in a better mood before leaving, that particular person may extend that generosity to someone else. To me, this a form of uplifting others. You’ve help one now they’ll help another. It’s also called spread kindness.

Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from.PNG

Many times we find that we are afraid of asking for help or helping others because we think they might want something in return. Yes, some do because they feel like oh I gave you this so you have to do this.Those people are not uplifting others. They are just there to use you and it’s better to find that out now and cut them off. Then to find out later when it’s too late. I truly believe there are more people who do it out of the kindness of their heart, rather than to see what they can get in return. The people who do it out of the kindness of their heart will generally walk away and not ask for anything in return even when you offer it. They’ll say no that’s alright or they’ll say thank you and go on about their day. You’ll realize that people with alternate motives will constantly ask you for things. Always come around when they need something. It’s never an equal trade it will always be something they need. Learn the signs so you can get the negative energy out of your life or keep it at bay so it’s not affecting your everyday life. You do need a balance so you can have a clear understanding of what uplifting others look like. I’m just saying don’t let the negative tip the scale. Here is how the negative will tip the scale:

  • Phone calls come few and far between and it’s only to ask for something.
  • The person will only show interest into you when it benefits them.
  • They don’t show support.
  • They don’t like it when you say no.
  • They stop calling when they feel you have nothing to offer.

These things are not uplifting, they are hindering. Stop allowing others to hinder you. I had to learn to stop allowing other people make me feel bad for not want to do something or just simply saying no. Who would have thought saying a small word like no would put so many people in their feelings. This also comes with the price of being the yes woman/man. They do say every action has a reaction which I later figured out to be true. I would much rather put people in their feelings so my life can be a little more positive. Then to be miserable because I keep doing things that I don’t want to. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

What is the risk you are willing to take to have a more filling life? Are you willing to let a certain crowd go? are you willing to learn to allow yourself to be more positive? What are you willing to do? I challenge you to find a way to uplift the people around you and that includes you. Trust me it feels so good to uplift others as much as it feels good to be uplifted.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness.PNG

What does your Instagram feed say about you?

Have you ever wondered why you follow certain pages on Instagram? I have come to the realization I only follow interior design and quotes pages. I enjoy seeing different home interiors. It gives me a vision of what I may want to do to my own home someday. Which also plays major a part of me thinking about my future. You may say”This is how I would like my living room or this is how I would love for my kitchen to be designed.” I have grown a custom to seeing design and quote pages so much that it brings me a sense of ease when I see them on my feed. As for the quotes pages, I follow mostly positive and spiritual pages. There is more than enough negativity going on in this world and I would much rather see the positive so the negative is not affecting my mood.


The quote pages I’ve followed speak life into my soul. I don’t follow things that have a negative impact on my mood because I’ve come to understand one picture or word can put a dimmer on the light that is supposed to shine brightly. Let’s face it, in this day and age words and pictures can cause some troubling thoughts. There is nothing worse than seeing something on your feed that changes your whole mood. This also goes to show you how social media has an impact on everything and everyone. Just think about it, what’s is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up. I love social media but sometimes and it can be a bit much. There is nothing wrong with just taking a break and checking self.

One small positive thought in the morning can.PNG

I say all this to say, take a look at your feed. Do you follow a particular person because they add value to your life or do you follow them because they inspire you to be a better you? What about the other pages you follow? Do you follow them because they bring humor to you, everyone needs humor or do you follow them because you just want to be part of the pack? I have a couple pages on my feed that I unfollowed because they were not bringing value or inspiration into my life. Sometimes you just need to unfollow certain people and pages. Tell yourself, There is no room for that negative energy in your life.

My challenge for you is to take a look at your social media feed and ask yourself why do I follow a certain page or a person? If you can’t come up with a logical reason, I challenge you to unfollow.

Let That Shit Go2.PNG