You Are More Than Enough!

Today I woke up feeling like I wanted to encourage you and let you know that you are more than enough. When you feel like you are failing. Keep moving forward. When you feel like life got a hold on you. Know that’s just your mind telling you that it’s no more moves to make. That’s a lie there is still more moves to make you just need to think outside the box. Don’t ever let your mind overshadow what you work so hard to conquer. You are more than what the people around you say you are. You are enough.

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You have what it takes to get that job. You have what it takes to be the mother that you always wanted to be. You are going to get through school. You are going to get that first house. You just have to stay focus. Stop giving up and keep fighting. Give yourself the chance to be best you can be. Give it your best shot and you will succeed. You have nothing to lose so keep fighting. I encourage you to keep moving on the path that made you happy when you first started it. Find that joy again. Look how far you’ve got and look how far you will go. The only thing standing in your way is you. Let your voice be heard. Stand at the top of highest mountain scream you got this because I know you do.

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No one is going to hold you back and if they do slap their hands away and tell them to move. Don’t allow someone to stand in your face and tell you nothing you do is possible. You have every right to try what your heart and soul tells you to try. I have the confidence in you that you will make it through this struggle. I hate calling it a struggle but I know that each struggle you face is a test to show you how resilient you are. Be the person you are supposed to be.

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I’ve had plenty of people in my life doubting me. Not sure how or if I ever would have made it as far as I did. I tell you what I never stop believing in me because I knew I would make it and I’m still making it. I will continue to make it because I know I have so much more to do in this world. Just like you will continue to make it because you know your work is not done. You work will be done when you feel like you accomplish everything you set and even then you won’t feel like you made it because you will see that there is room for improvement. I want you to say to yourself “I wouldn’t have made it this far without a fight and hope”.

When you feel like you don’t have hope, focus on these steps:

  • Hold your head up high.
  • Keep the faith(doesn’t mean spiritual just find the faith in you!)
  • Keep fighting
  • Don’t allow your mind to overshadow your heart.
  • Focus and execute

These are the steps you need to maintain in your mind. When you feel like you can’t move forward think of how far you’ve gotten and keep moving forward. I want you to see how awesome you are. Look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk because honey you are on your way to amazing things. You have an amazing future line up for you and is waiting to see what you got. So what do you have friend, don’t tell me, show me 🙂

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When does stress make you sit down?

What is stress? Stress is the importance, significance, emphasis placed on something. Here is my story on how I stressed my self out throughout my school years. I was one of those students that would stay up for hours to complete assignments that would have probably taken a genius a couple of minutes to complete.  I on the hand was trying to make sure I did the assignment to perfection. I had to learn the hard that stressing myself to point of staying up all night and getting up the next day was not the best thing for a student trying to excel in one of hardest fields. Computers are a subject that needs your full attention when the professor or teacher is speaking because a slight mistake could cost you some vital information and cause a very expensive problem.  Just like with doctors and nurses they have to fully pay attention to what’s in a patients chart. You can’t give a patient who has sugar food with sugar in it because that could be a deadly mistake. With electronics, it’s no different. So I say all this to say when you are physically tired don’t be like me and stay up all night knowing that you need to focus the next morning. Go TO BED!!! Tell me a time that you was stress? 


Stress free zone



What motivates you?


Rise up

Whether you wake up in the morning, afternoon, or evening there is something that motivates you. I’ll tell you what motivates me. I’m able to get another chance at trying to be a better me. To me, is motivation enough. Don’t get it confused, I do have my moments when I don’t feel like moving or I don’t want to be bothered. I’m human but sometimes I realize that my journey to getting as far as did helps me understand the meaning of motivation. We as humans need things to motivate us to keep moving. Great!!!!! What better motivation than to find something your so passionate about and turning that into something that makes you smile. 😊 Even if it means taking a break and recharging our batteries we always come back to that thing. Something in us will never let us lose that motivation. So here’s a challenge dig deep into your soul and find what motivates you to get up.