Hello Everyone, hope all is well and beautiful in life. The last time I posted anything was back in 2021 and we all know how things had changed in 2020. Here we are now in to 7 1/2 months of 2022.

Well let’s have update, shall we. The end of 2021 I found out that there was this guy that actually liked me. Even with all the bags that I carried. He wanted to give little ole me a chance. So I started navigating that and learning how to be a girlfriend to a guy that was very new to me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Let me tell you, that was definitely unmarked territory. This 30 year old has had relationships before. I was so use to being by myself that when he came in, I was like what do I do with it? 🀣🀣🀣 needless to say, we had to learn each other and give each other room to grow. Happy to report, we are still learning each other.

Work wise, you all know that I work a 9 to 5 like some of you do. How has being an educator changed me over the last 6 years that I have been working? It has changed me a lot some for good and some for bad. During the pandemic we all learned that though we love our students and though we want to nurture them, and lead them to greater things we have to know that they are not really ours to mold. I had to learn that. Although I look at them as my own they actually go home to their actual parents who makes the greatest decisions for them. Turning off the job at the end of the day was very hard because I know how much those students value me and how much I value them. To be fair, we all need a break at some point just to be on our a game. The job has had its own challenging days and positive days that we made the best of. At the end of the day, we all made it a successful school year. Hoping to come back with clear minds and hearts. Happy summer break, educators! β˜€οΈπŸŒ‘

School, your girl went back to school at the beginning of this year(2022). I decided that I would go back to get my psychology degree with a minor in education. Many of you know that my very first college degree is in computers. This degree was something that I took up because it was very popular in my family. Not so much in my community because a lot of times we follow the path of our community. Though we don’t think we do. Another form of living in your truth, is understanding what is the path that has been place before you. I know that a majority of the people that live in my community are educators. Though I wanted to be different , God had other plans for me. 😁 I am open to the idea of that plan now more than ever.

How am I feeling?

I can tell you truly that I am in a great space with me. Finding truth and dignity in myself has been the most rewarding thing to me. Finding purpose in taking time to check in on me has been helpful. Learning to opening up to myself while still negotiating and navigating life has been rewarding. Giving myself the break and coming back when I am ready to take on the next step of my ever changing life. Learning that it is ok to be vulnerable with me and my emotions. I have been checking me, lately. Very rewarding, if I should say so myself.

Through out my journey of getting to this point, I have been able to find new ways to grow within me. I have learned love is a two-way street. It will be a challenge but what will you do with that challenge? I say keep going. Work has been rewarding and tiring but I know the bigger picture. School is getting me to take the next step. So the next step I shall take. Life is no walk in the park and it was never suppose to be easy, so here I am. Ready to continue to grow with every step I take I hold me accountable for every step that lights up in front of me.

Until next time, friends

Cynethia ❀️

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