Do The Things that make you feel Relief.

Hello all,

You never know what might be causing individuals stress. You hear so many things like: stress kills, life is short, focus on you, let stuff go, etc. I for one, am very unsure that you can tell an individual how to deal with their stress. Yes, I have written pieces about being strong and standing true to who you are. I have come to realization that we need to wait for one to tell us what they may need help with. We can’t just past our opinions on something that is happening internally. We are not on the inside, we are an outsider. Yes, we are an outsider and everyone needs time to process their stress.

I now believe that you can only be strong if you know for yourself what you are fighting. As I have gone through my own stress and I found that you have to go through things at your own pace. No outside influences, just your process and your healing. Follow your beat and flow through it all. I have to remind myself everyday that my internal mishaps may not be for the world to solve but for me to solve. I may not do it alone and I may have unanswered questions but I will solve it eventually. Yet, I can say that I now know some of my unwavering strengths. I am not that shy and timid young lady when I was faced with an issue. I now know that when problems arise I do not need to solve it in one day. It can be processed and packaged appropriately. I am not just a box you can throw. I am a human that needs to process her emotions. I need to get a feel for the situation and then it goes on to the next step.

I don’t need to yell out my uncomfortableness, I can simply assess the situation and figure out if it is meant for my energy. I once was a young girl who wanted to solve the world’s problems not realizing that every fight is not mine. Talk about stress, me wanting to figure out how to fix everyone’s problem, yikes. I now wait for the individuals to ask for my help because one thing about stress is that it will break you and throw you around even when you have a big sign on your forehead that says fragile,timid, unsure. Yeah it will test your ability to work out your own issues. We can only run so many times until you legs are tired and your body is warn down. That’s when you hunker down and assess the situation. Do you give it your best fight or let it take you to the dark place no one talks about.

I love being a light, so I chose to fight in that tunnel that was not giving me an end. I didn’t want no parts of that dark place. I wanted happiness, peace and love all with a big red bow on it that said, she’s lovable and friendly.😁 Though my face said otherwise. I have learned to be guarded, Yet be so unwavering. When I need to stand up, I do it. When I need to hunker down, I do it. When I need to release it, I do it. No one knows my internal fights but me. NO one knows your internal fights but you. I can’t tell you your issues and you can’t tell me mine. No matter how many degrees you may have and how many articles you have read. We as a human race don’t tell everything out of fear of being judges. We speak some of our truths but not all our truths.

So I ask of you, one individual to another. Learn to be ok with the process. Learn to be ok with torn hinges and that are fixable. Yes, they are fixable. Learn to trust you and follow your beat.

Until we speak again,


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