Starting All Over Again!

Have you ever felt like you were learning to walk again? I have and it feels like your feet just won’t move. Over the last couple of months of quarantine, in some form or way, we all had to sit life out. We did some reflecting, we did some soul searching, and truth-telling. You may not think you did, but you did. Ask yourself are you the same person you were five months ago? If the answer is no, then you know you did some reflecting, soul searching, and truth-telling.

In that time, you found out just who you really are as individual. Learning what your triggers are, you learn what your faults are and you learn where you can be of use and when to step away. In my twenty-eight years, I’ve done a couple of trips where I got lost in not knowing if I would make it out. You learn with age, they say. Wisdom will find you, they say. Then when you feel like all else fails, you just sit there and ask yourself, what’s is next? No one can give you that answer, trust me. I’ve asked the closest people to me and they informed me I would figure it out. Funny right, haha.

Now what, I ask myself? How do I fix this struggle I’m in? How do I fix this stressful situation I’m in? I do the only thing I know how and that is to keep moving forward with my head held high. This is what you call learning with age. This is what you call finding the courage to keep fighting and not backing down when everybody else says its time. How is it time to stop fighting when they couldn’t answer a simple question such as “where does wisdom come from?” and I’m not speaking of wisdom that you now know you have but the wisdom of your parents and their parents etc. You never know how strong and smart you are until you have to fight alone, while everyone else has left. You will learn in the end that you are your own superhero and superpower. Just like your parents and their parents. We all have a purpose and we all have choices to stand on that purpose. Yes, it is easier to run but what happens when you get tired and worn out. You fight.

So superhero I say use that superpower and walk on by those struggles.

Until we meet again,


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