Wow 2020!

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been gone for some time. There is just a lot going on. The year started off great for me and then it took a turn. I’m pretty sure you know about the Covid-19 and how it’s impacting families around the world. My family was not spared one bit.

January and February was going so well. Then March happens, my job started figuring out plans on how to teach students from home. Boom, now we are working from home and I have all this work I need to get done. So, I get it done, and not to mention I was just grateful to just have a job. With businesses closing left and right. I was motivated and ready.

April comes in like a tornado that is ready to take any and everyone down. I lose a total of five people in one week. Literally, was a walking zombie. One of my toughest losses was my grandmother and great-aunt dying just an one-hour and 30 minutes apart. What was even tougher, I couldn’t even go to the funerals because of Covid- 19. I set helpless on the sideline. Dealing With the loss of my loved ones and still working because my job made it clear that if I wanted a check, I had to do the work. While dealing with the losses of my loved one, I was still working very hard to complete the workload that was given to me.

Every day, I would cry a little , type a little and repeat. It was a mess. I was a mess. Then May comes and we are still stuck in the house and having to watch the world fall every bit apart. Covid- 19 killing thousands of people and my city is the epicenter of it all. We are now on an official lockdown but not really. Every time I step outside of my house, I have a mask, hand sanitizer, and gloves. As soon I come home, I throw my gloves in the trash, wash my hands and strip my clothes and hop in the shower. Repeated that process so many times I was starting to think I was going to run out of water.

June comes and everyone is enjoying the summer weather and things start to seem like everything is back to normal, except it’s really not. Now the other half of the world is literally suffering greatly again. They have lifted the stay at home order but I’m still enjoying the comfort of my home. Though NYC is not the epicenter anymore, I still feel for my family and myself that I love truly beyond measures is that we should continue to social distance.

July!!!!!!!!!! the question on everyone’s mind now is will schools open in the fall? Parents have to get back to work, teachers are just sitting and looking at four walls. Everyone’s opinion matters except for the people who are literally doing the actual job. Safety they say but send out emails making sure you know if you don’t show up for work, “if they decide to open schools in the fall.” You will be responsible for what happens to you. Great right?

Working with children with autism and other sorts of disabilities. You learn that they love you without borders. Literally they love you so much, some children will come to sit on your lap just so you can love them. Which is not appropriate for social distancing as they say we will be doing. They say kids will be wearing a mask. Yeah ok, you try and get a strong seven-year-old to wear a mask. Then tell me how you got hit with something he’s holding because you were forcing him to do something he doesn’t understand. Yeah, That’s happening more than you think. Also as a person who has what they call an underlying health problem and with every single day, something new happens and they have no clue how they will protect us. Having an older mother and scared to death about bringing this virus home to her because someone doesn’t want to wear a mask. Worries me greatly.

I stand with your choice to do what’s best for your family and I stand with my choice to do what’s best for mine. We all miss our students and we love them without borders but what will happens when you put us in a century-old building without being able to open windows because remember after Fall comes Winter that means turning the heat on. This means windows will be closed and people like me with asthmas will have to sit in a room with heat and mask on.

But who am I? Just so we are clear you do what’s best for you and yours.

Stay safe world!

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