Your struggles should be the backdrop to your success: My Story.

Evey struggle that you’ve ever faced should be a lesson. I’ve discovered that your struggles will teach you things about yourself.

Every time you are going through something, you should look at it as a new lesson and a blessing.

Every time you feel like you are ready to give up, take a second and count the many other lessons you’ve learned.

As I get older, I realize that life will only provide struggles you can handle.

Here’s one of my struggles,

Most of my school life I’ve had to strive to get an education. Due to the fact, I have a learning disability. I didn’t learn the material as fast as my peers, so I was labeled.

With a learning disability, you have so many challenges place upon you that the world just doesn’t understand. Besides the people who have one.

You have the added pressure of executing things on time and making sure you work as hard as the other students so you won’t be singled out.

Not to mention kids picking on you when you’re just trying to do the best you can.

I not only faced the bullying, I also had to face a school system that was not designed to help me succeed.

Once I completed middle school,  like any other student in the USA, You go off and start your high school years.

High school is supposed to teach you about hard work and getting you ready for college and your adult life. My high school experience was nothing like that at all.

I would probably say it was the worse thing ever, to be completely honest.

Here’s my story,

When I started high school,  I was excited and ready to do things that I’ve seen my friends do. Like travel to school by myself, meet new people, get to learn new material, all this great stuff that comes with attending high school.

I went into a class that was the perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small.  It was a class for kids with a learning disability. So the children were just like me.  I don’t remember what they called it but I was excelling in that class because of how small it was. Not too many distractions just enough children to get you help if needed it.

It was going so well my first year, I finished my freshman year with all A’s.

Here comes the struggle,

When I entered to my sophomore year, NYC Lawmakers decides that they needed to change the policy for students with learning disabilities and proceed to put them in a class with 30 or more students.

which  I think it was called a general education class with teacher support.

Yeah, my education went downhill from there.

I was struggling to keep my grades up. Let’s be honest I wasn’t learning anything at all. There were so many distractions and the teachers could not help me because they were dealing with over 30 or more students.

Talk about a dilemma.

My mother started to see that I was not performing as well as. This when she began to investigate. Thank God for mom’s who know their children.

I went from A’s to summer school and repeating the same grade twice. Yeah, talk about bad. It was bad.

Talk about a bad high school experience. I would have been ok with being embarrassed by others knowing my high school crush.

Never thought I would have to be in a situation that would be detrimental to my future.

This caused me graduate late and I ended up in homeschool after my mother took me out the high school that was not suitable for me anymore. Which is a whole another story because they tried to take me away from my mother. They refuse to give my mother a transfer so she could put me somewhere else that could benefit me in the long run.

The positive:

I ended up in best thing that could have ever happen to me which was homeschool. The Blessing. The one on one attention had me focus. I finished and went on to college an excelled in that as well.

Talk about a struggle of life.

Here’s what I learned,

Just think, if I would have given up and told my mother to stop fighting because I was in deep depression and couldn’t find my footing and kept slipping on the ice that was in front of me.

I was in a dark hole with no light, no hand, a little bit of faith.

I fought my faith after realizing that there was calling on my life and listening to Cece Winans song called Waging War. I didn’t know at the time that calling was for me to help others. Now that I look back at my early years, I realize I was always helping someone.

This is what I’m  supposed to do. I learned that my struggle taught me how to be positive in the midst of adversity.

This is why I try to see the positive in any situation because I just don’t think anything can get me in a serious depression as I once was.

I was at my worse and  I could not see the light. I was hoping for the light but there wasn’t any.

Learning that you can put your best effort into anything and still fall a little short until its time for you to shine.

The lesson I was supposed to learn was that if you have faith anything is possible.

Before high school I was not living I was existing and not putting my best foot forward. I can admit that because now I see how far I’ve come.

The message:

Don’t hide from your struggles. Face them because the lessons you will receive will be amazing. I may not like every struggle I face but I know that those struggle will come with a blessing that will have me reaching for any star within my grasp or beyond.

Focus on the positive because it will get you through anything. The negative will only keep you down.



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