The Joy of Job Searching: My Tips

Searching for a job has been the most tiring process ever. If you are just getting out of college and/or almost finished. But you are ready to start looking for work please have patience because it will not be an easy task.

When I was in School  I did go to the job fair, I attended the career center meetings.  Made friends with loads of people in my major department. Friendly to anybody that would talk to me. Became my school’s computer club president.  You name it I did it. All while keeping my grades up. Talk about trying to make sure my resume look good.

Still no Luck!


let’s be honest, I did do some networking but it wasn’t enough. I could have done more.

This is something I wish I knew before completing my college education. 

Here how you should network:

  • Interact with people in your department. (Don’t be afraid say hi, good morning, this will help you in the end.)
  • Get to know your career center very well.(Something I wish knew instead of just going for meetings and fairs.)
  • Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations (Something I started so late. Don’t be like me start early.) 
  • Apply for an internship while you’re still in school. (Man, did I make a big mistake by not applying for all the internships that were on my department’s counter.)  I probably would be working right now had I done that.
  • Here is why I say that internships sometimes turn into permanent positions. Plus it can count as experience. You will see why I say that as you read on.
  • Speak to your department’s chairperson. (I spoke, I just never ask questions or see if she could help me with life after college.)
  • Get involved with other clubs not just your department’s. The bright side is it could lead to other offers. 

One of the hardest things I’m finding searching for a job is the experience you need to get the job. Everything needs to be a certain number of certifications and years of experience.

Something that has me curious is:

Drum roll, please…………

Why is it that jobs are no longer training you anymore?  Don’t you need to be taught how things work in a new environment and not just know everything right off the back?

Another Thing:

Give yourself a Pep talk:

You need to encourage yourself because it can become a bit much. Looking continuously every single day. You can feel down.  Especially with the everyday life struggles. And you start to feel like you are losing this battle but you are not.

Here what I say to myself:

  • I have what it takes to keep looking.
  • I’m going to find a job 
  • Have faith in the midst of the struggle.
  • This is just a test.
  • Life will get better.

Have a routine: 

Here’ s why I say this. You can search so much that you become so stressed. Know when it’s time to stop.

I was waking up like I had an actual job and making it feel like a chore. So I was so stressed out. To the point, I needed a break. And you know what I did  I took the break. The best decision I made for myself.

Here’s my old routine:

  • Wake up between hours of 6-7 AM.
  • Thanking  God for giving me another day. (Just my personal preference.)
  • Go make my breakfast/ start the computer up so it will be ready after I eat.
  • While eating breakfast, phone in hand, I’d  check emails to see if I have any offers for interviews.
  • Finish eating.
  • Wash my dishes.
  • Grab my chair/ type my password into my computer.
  • Proceeds with my search.
  • Around 11 or 12, I’d take my lunch break.
  • Around 1, I return to my computer and finish searching.
  • You get the point until about 4pm  when I’ve had enough of placing resume on site that would be suitable for my career.

Can you say dedicated? 🙂

I was so invested in finding a job that by the time 4 PM came around I was over it and wanted to be done with it.

Don’t do this to yourself, I repeat don’t do it to yourself.

Set boundaries.

Know when you’ve had enough.

When I Realized that everything is going to be alright:

There is nothing crazier to me rather than trying to find a job in something you’ve done your whole life and still don’t have enough experience to actually get the job.

*Rolls eyes completely.*

The Struggle is real.

There is something to be said about having patience and focusing on the goal of working. You need a strong support system to get you through this tiring process. Because your emotions will be through the roof. You’ll feel like you went to school for nothing and feel like you need to go back because that’s what everyone is telling you.

Wait, There’s always catch,

If you are like me and you don’t have the money. Plus, you don’t want to take out a loan Because of your fear of being in debt.

Yeah, I feel your pain.

Who said I wanted to be in debt my whole life. No one mentions getting an education and then having to go back and get more knowledge and spending more money which does not guarantee you a job.

All it means is you took the step for you to have a better shot at getting your feet a little closer to meeting the target of what is required of you.

*confused look.*

Another question:

How can you get the experience if you are always in class? Here are things our present and past college/university students would like answers to.

Here are things our past and present college students would like answers to.

In conclusion

If I would have known it would have taken this long  I would have started searching while I was still in school. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of working hard to find something that suits you. But jeez-Louise I have been out of school for months now.  Graduated in June 2017 but have been done since December 2016.  It has been almost a year of no luck.


After all these questions, I realize that everything is going to be alright because I have faith that something will come through for me.

So the joy of searching will continue.


  1. Although it has been years, I well remember graduating from college and seeking employment. I had done an internship and this was helpful. I also had volunteered in my field and this also helped. If you can volunteer in a place related to your field of interest, it can help get a job. I also found that it helped not being too choosy about my first job. In my case, a job that was less than ideal, opened the doors to a job with much potential. As you pray, listen to God and follow his leading. Blessings!

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