Nothing Happens Over Night.

Have you ever wondered why it was taken so long for something to happen? Or should I say something that you really wanted to happen? I tell you why it has not happened, timing. When I say timing do you remember your parents telling you that timing is everything.  In the right time, things will happen in your favor. I will say you can’t be closed minded because you will block that favor. In life, things don’t happen when we want them to happen. They happen when they are supposed to happen. 

You can overcome this test.PNG

There are some things that you need to prepare for before they can fully be yours. My parents and family members use to tell me that I would get everything that was for me when the time was right. I never understood that because I was so young and naive that I wanted everything right then and there. Life does not work on your schedule they use to say. Let me tell you how life works. There will be challenges that you will face before your blessing will be placed in front of you. Life tested me so much that I was not sure how to handle some situations but I will say that I never gave up. However big the test was I kept fighting because I knew that it was only a test and it would soon be over. Here’s what  I had to tell myself every time I was tested. This is just a battle you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You will overcome this obstacle. You will see the sunshine again. Truth be told the sun did come out again and I went on to be a better person because of that test and every test after.  Every test helped me understand that I had learned new knowledge and it was something I could now use to my advantage. No matter how big or small the blessing is you will be tested. Life needs to see how you will react before it gives you everything you’ve been hoping for. They do say nothing worth having comes easy.

You can do it!!!.PNG

Especially if it’s something that will impact others. Such as being an influencer, teacher, doctor, a lawyer. These professions change people’s lives every single day. So they are tested in more ways than one. If you ever felt like you are going through something you can’t shake just know that it’s only a test. You will pass this test in no time just keep fighting. I can guarantee that you will get through this. Before you know it that big blessing will happen. Life is just testing you to see if you ready or if you need a little more time to get prepared. After each test, you could guide somebody else in similar situations. Trust that this is one obstacle that will lead you to the bigger picture. I believe you can get through because I thought I couldn’t get through one of my worst tests but I’m still here. So I know you can. Keep fighting friend!!!!!!

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