What Can Your Fear Tell You?

Have you ever felt fearful of something? Have you ever allowed your fear to keep you from doing something? I always use to allow my fear of what others might think of me to overshadow what I felt on the inside. Others opinions on me would make me change my mind about something I felt so strongly about that it would cause me to feel like my own thinking process was not acceptable. So I started to question my ability to make logical decisions and more.

Don’t ever be afraid of just being you.PNG

When I started to see a pattern of the fear of others opinions. I had to take a second to reevaluate the situation I had gotten myself in. As I was starting to see that not everyone was built to be the same. I started to embrace the fact that I was different. People’s opinion no longer matters and I started to neglect the fear I had picked up. Fear is considered to be something that happens when you can’t figure out what would work best for you. I call it the fear of uncertainty because you don’t want to offend anyone by being yourself but also want them to like you for you. I was caught between those two choices.  When I figured out I was at my best by being me and it was just my fear of not being accepted. I stop allowing people to dictate my choices and make the proper decisions for myself.

Here’s  what I want you to do when you feel like your fear is consuming you:

  • Stop allowing your fear to keep you from doing what your heart knows is right for you.
  • Stop allowing others get into your head and tell you can’t-do something because they are afraid that you might be more successful at it. If you feel like those people are holding you back keep your distances and allow yourself the chance to try what you feel so strongly about.
  • Never give someone the satisfaction of knowing they have a say in what you do especially when it’s to better your future.
  • Allow yourself the chance to be a better you by trying something different.
  • Focusing on being the best you possible.

In this world, people try to throw negative stones at you because they are afraid of you leaving them behind. They want you and them to be on the same page for as long as they think it benefits them. To them, you are never supposed to grow. Especially if they feel like you have more to gain then they do. In some ways, it’s their fear of being overshadowed. Never allow someone to make you feel guilty or fearful of making a choice they could have made themselves. Everyone has the same 24 hours how they live that 24 hours it’s their business.  You should never have to feel like you have to give up on your hopes and dreams to fit in. Start your own crowd.

Don’t take on someone else failures.PNG

Another thing, never allow other people to project their failures on you.  The worst thing you can do is allow someone throw their failures at you. You are allowed to make your own mistakes. No one can tell you how to live out your destiny. Everyone’s destiny is different. Your path is made for you not the people around you.  So when your fear takes over you are distancing yourself from that destiny. Fear is just your way of saying I’m ready. What are you ready for?

Allow yourself the chance to try!.PNG

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