Tell me something you enjoy about Halloween: Candy, Colors, Fashion, and Movies.

As we approach October, I’m thinking about all the memories that will be made this year. When I think about Halloween, I personally love to see children getting dressed up with their pumpkin baskets and saying trick or treat. Watching the different Halloween movies that are televised on ABC Family which is now Freeform and Disney Channel. One of my favorite Halloween movies is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s become a tradition to watch it every year when it comes on ABC. These were some of my favorite memories growing up. I remember as a little girl, My mother taking me door to door to get candy with my costume on. I even remember that every year I wanted to be a ghost. I didn’t have creativity back then. Until one year she said let’s try something different and she painted my face and I went as a clown. I had so much candy that year. To the point of my mother saying, “you are going to have candy coming out of your ears”. Now that I’m older that was kinda funny.


Another thing, I love about Halloween is that it’s in the season of Fall, not to mention my birthday is the next day. So while you are trick or treating you can still see the different trees colors that still looks amazing at night. Also in the Fall, it’s not so cold. It also depends, if the weather will cooperate. You never know what you might get and especially living in good’ole NYC you never know what mother nature has up her sleeve. One October we got snow, yes snow. It’s was in the early part of October but it was a bit of surprise. Something else I really enjoy about Halloween is the fashion it was always a surprise to see what the next kid would be wearing. I thought it was cool to see what my neighbors would wear or whenever I went to school some of the kids would come dressed up in their costumes. There were a few daredevils who would throw eggs at people which kinda made me want to stay home every Halloween after. To close, I would say all the things I mention made Halloween fun and it gave you something to look forward to after a long day of school or work.

Do you have a favorite memory of Halloween if so, Please share? I would love to hear about it. Also, what was the weather like when your favorite memory took place?lamp-halloween-lantern-pumpkin.jpg

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