What does your Instagram feed say about you?

Have you ever wondered why you follow certain pages on Instagram? I have come to the realization I only follow interior design and quotes pages. I enjoy seeing different home interiors. It gives me a vision of what I may want to do to my own home someday. Which also plays major a part of me thinking about my future. You may say”This is how I would like my living room or this is how I would love for my kitchen to be designed.” I have grown a custom to seeing design and quote pages so much that it brings me a sense of ease when I see them on my feed. As for the quotes pages, I follow mostly positive and spiritual pages. There is more than enough negativity going on in this world and I would much rather see the positive so the negative is not affecting my mood.


The quote pages I’ve followed speak life into my soul. I don’t follow things that have a negative impact on my mood because I’ve come to understand one picture or word can put a dimmer on the light that is supposed to shine brightly. Let’s face it, in this day and age words and pictures can cause some troubling thoughts. There is nothing worse than seeing something on your feed that changes your whole mood. This also goes to show you how social media has an impact on everything and everyone. Just think about it, what’s is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up. I love social media but sometimes and it can be a bit much. There is nothing wrong with just taking a break and checking self.

One small positive thought in the morning can.PNG

I say all this to say, take a look at your feed. Do you follow a particular person because they add value to your life or do you follow them because they inspire you to be a better you? What about the other pages you follow? Do you follow them because they bring humor to you, everyone needs humor or do you follow them because you just want to be part of the pack? I have a couple pages on my feed that I unfollowed because they were not bringing value or inspiration into my life. Sometimes you just need to unfollow certain people and pages. Tell yourself, There is no room for that negative energy in your life.

My challenge for you is to take a look at your social media feed and ask yourself why do I follow a certain page or a person? If you can’t come up with a logical reason, I challenge you to unfollow.

Let That Shit Go2.PNG

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