What does the Fall season mean to you?

We are soon going to enter into the fall season. *Inserts happy music.* This is when you start to see some of the most beautiful colors and people start to walk with some of most fashionable clothing known to man. To me, fall is one of those calming seasons. The fall season represents the change from hot to cool. I can’t express how exciting it is to walk through the neighborhood when all the trees are yellow, Orange, with little bits of green. It’s so beautiful to look out the window of my apartment and see the process of the changing season. If you are like me and have a birthday in fall you will be even more excited.  I remember when I was little I would get so excited because I knew that fall would bring Holloween and loads of candy. Another exciting holiday in fall is Thanksgiving. My family and I would get together and enjoy each others company for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know we are still in Summer but by the end of the week, the calendar will say fall.  Here is my encouragement to you take a minute and enjoy the beauty that is in front of you. We can get so caught up in working so hard that we forget to take a moment and breath. Life has a way of showing you what you need and sometimes it can be a change of season or it can be something that you never knew you needed.  Tell me your take on the fall season?

RedefinedLove fall picture.PNG


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