Celebrate Your Accomplishments!!!!

When I graduated college, my Mother was going around the neighborhood and telling complete strangers who would listen that her baby graduated college. I, on the other hand, was so embarrassed. I would run into someone in the neighborhood and they would say “Congratulations”.  With a completely confused look on my face, I’d  stare back at them not sure what the congratulations are for.  Then the sentence of embarrassment would be said:  “Your mother told me you graduated”.  At this point, I’d say humbly thanks or thank you and try to get out of the conversation as soon possible.  As I’m walking down the street, thinking to myself why does she keep telling everybody?  What I didn’t realize was my mother was celebrating my accomplishments for me. (Not a bad thing). I was afraid of what people might think if I was too excited about an accomplishment I had conquered.  I never realized that what I went through before going to college was just a way of showing how strong I am.  So getting through college was a way of showing just how resilient I was. To me, if you come from troubled backgrounds, struggle with different challenges with learning, or people telling you can’t-do something that you’ve set your heart on and then you conquer it.  You honey just achieved an accomplishment that you should be proud to celebrate.  Stop worrying about what people think.  I had a hard time with celebrating accomplishments because I had people in my inner circle that I didn’t want to offend or make them feel like I was bragging. All the while, dimming my own light because I didn’t want to lose someone in my circle. What I realize when not speaking of those accomplishments you can’t see how far you’ve come because you are not celebrating you. Don’t be too busy celebrating others and forget to celebrate you.  I made that mistake. I always want to see everybody in my life or outside of my life do good. Whether it was them getting a new job, growing their family, or just making a step to becoming a better individual. I was their cheerleader. All the while forgetting to be my own.  So here is my motivation to you. You can wish others well but don’t forget to wish yourself well in the process. Stop dimming your light. SHINE AS BRIGHT AS YOU LIKE!!!!!

Celebrate you.PNG

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