What motivates you?


Rise up

Whether you wake up in the morning, afternoon, or evening there is something that motivates you. I’ll tell you what motivates me. I’m able to get another chance at trying to be a better me. To me, is motivation enough. Don’t get it confused, I do have my moments when I don’t feel like moving or I don’t want to be bothered. I’m human but sometimes I realize that my journey to getting as far as did helps me understand the meaning of motivation. We as humans need things to motivate us to keep moving. Great!!!!! What better motivation than to find something your so passionate about and turning that into something that makes you smile. 😊 Even if it means taking a break and recharging our batteries we always come back to that thing. Something in us will never let us lose that motivation. So here’s a challenge dig deep into your soul and find what motivates you to get up.



  1. What motivates me is having faith that I can because I have. Experience is our best teacher. We do something well during each situation which becomes a repeatable strategy moving forward.

    Personally I will crawl until I can walk. Did it as a baby and might have fallen, but always got back up. Repeatable as an adult right?!

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    • They always say you must crawl before you can walk. I’ve heard that saying a million times and it still holds true today. I love that idea because everyone must do it at one point or another. Yes, I look at this way in order to learn lessons you have to try new things. Those things are either going to teach you lessons or you are just going to fail miserably. Also, how you get up after failing is going to teach you a lesson on how strong you are. I say all that to say, I agree with you, your experiences are key factors to what motivates you.

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